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OK thanks Gary.  I will find out what the process is and let you know!


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I have ARRL credentials only.  Need to apply for W5YI. 




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Club Members,


I’ve been in contact with W5YI-VEC working to restart the club’s VE testing.  Enough members expressed a willingness to participate in this effort.  So now it’s time to put up, as I need some information from you :-)


1.       If you have been a Volunteer Examiner (VE) in the past and are accredited with W5YI, please let me know your VE number.  If you are not accredited with W5YI but are accredited with ARRL, you will need to apply to W5YI for credentials in their system, so let me know if this is the case (it’s easy).


2.       If you are not been a VE but would like to be one, let me know.  The process is quite easy to get set up.


The club members who expressed an interest back in November were:

                Jim KE5FN

                Gary KF5ZRT

                Gil WB5RFQ

                Jack K5FRT

                Joe KA8WEP

                Remi N5CNB

                John K5VGM

                Ben NE5B


If anyone else would like to participate, please let me know.


I envision announcing we will do 4 to 6 testing sessions per year.  These would be separate from club meetings, and get publicity in local newspapers, radio, web, mail, or whatever works.  We’ll need a minimum of 3 VE’s at each testing session, perhaps with a fourth person as an alternate.  We can work out the details once we’ve got a confirmed list of VE’s.


Thanks es 73,


Roger N5RWK

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