[W5SFA] Radio in the Park

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 22:21:48 CST 2020

There has been a change in our plans for Radio in the Park.  We are not 
going to be located at the VFW on HWY 105 as posted earlier.  We are 
going to be located in downtown Navasota at the corner of E. Washington 
St (Hwy 105) and Farquhar St.  This location is a small parking area 
adjacent to the public restroom. The area is concrete and has 120 volt 
electrical outlets near to our setup area.  We plan to arrive at 7:00 AM 
to begin setup of our stations.  Operations to start at or near 8:00 
AM.  We plan to operate to Noon on the 22nd unless conditions change to 
make operations uncomfortable or unsafe.

This is an opportunity to meet and get to know our fellow hams from the 
Grimes County Club.  They are a young club, around 3 years in 
operation.  Ray and I attended their February Club meeting and there is 
much excitement for Radio in the Park.

As sister radio clubs, it is good to share our common interests and 
knowledge to grow in our hobby.

Please mark your calendars for February 22nd.  I hope our club will take 
advantage of this opportunity.

As usual, Doughnuts and Coffee are the order of the day.  The Classic 
Rock Coffee Company & Kitchen is across the street should you desire 
something more substantial.

Our location downtown should give us good foot traffic from the public.  
A great opportunity to spread the word about what we can do with our 
hobby to assist the public in times of need.

You can operate an existing station, bring your own station or just log 
as many Eyeball QSO's as possible.

Hope to see you in Navasota.



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