[W5SFA] W5SFA Tuesday Night Net 12-1-20

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 19:53:00 CST 2020

We had 4 check-ins tonight:

K5FRT Jack


K5EAM Earl-Proxy Check-IN


Announcements tonight:

Ray WA5IWB gave an update on K5EAM Earl and his wife Shirley.  Earl is 
still in MD Andersen rehab.

Shirley is back in Kruse Village rehab recovering from injuring from a 
fall.  They are hopeful that Earl can transfer to Kruse Rehab in the 
near future.  Our prayers and thoughts are with Earl and Shirley as they 
progress with recovery.

Thanks to all for participating in tonight's net.

Have a safe and prosperous week.  Be safe as we continue with the 
Holiday Season.


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