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The link in the email below takes you to a youtube video recorded by 
WR5DC of the Wednesday night update on the Covid-19 emergency. If you 
were not able to hear the broadcast last night, this is what was 



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The above is a link to the video transcript of our "on-the-air" COVID-19 
Medical Advisory Net hosted by WR5MD Dr. William Loesch and WR5DC as net 
control. Dr. William R. Loesch, MD is an internist in Brenham, Texas and 
is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. He has been in 
practice about 15 years. Dr. William Loesch is Washington County's 
"Local Health Authority" and our local "Health Department" and he lays 
out some truths and myths about COVID-19 and how we can all deal with 
it. At this time we have 17-20 confirmed and suspected cases in 
Washington County, Texas. Please Like, Subscribe and hit the bell to get 
notifications of upcoming on the air events!
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