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Wed Apr 15 19:48:15 CDT 2020

 Gary I think that"s a very good idea. In the spirit of trying to get the local clubs to talk to each other, this another step in the right direction. Lets step up to help a sister club.
Ray   WA5IWB

    On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 6:34:36 PM CDT, Gary Baldwin <kf5zrt at gmail.com> wrote:  
 I have a suggestion for the club.

As posted on the reflector earlier, the W5AC radio tower sustained 
significant damage due to weather conditions last week. As a sister club 
in our surrounding area, I think a donation from the Stephen F. Austin 
Radio Club would be appropriate. Dollar amount not to exceed $50.00.  I 
would appreciate feedback from the club in general regarding this 
action.  I believe this amount is a modest request to help out a sister 
club in need of help.

Please respond either through the reflector or directly to me at 
kf5zrt at gmail.com or (979) 530-2220.

I appreciate your attention to this and thank you in advance.


Gary - KF5ZRT

W5SFA President

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