[W5SFA] C4FM Digital Users Please Read! New DG-ID = 10 for Bellville UHF repeater

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Mon Apr 6 15:26:19 CDT 2020



We have changed the DG-ID of the Bellville UHF repeater back to DG-ID of 10
on send and receive.  This was done to block out some remote stations.


Some further explanation.DG-ID acts like a digital squelch.  When the
repeater is set to DG-ID of 00, it lets all traffic through.  Now that the
repeater is set to DG-ID of 10, only traffic with that DG-ID will be heard.
Therefore, set your radio on both send and receive to DG-ID of 10 when using
the Bellville UHF repeater.


You should also make sure you are running the latest firmware for your
radio, as the last firmware update made changes regarding DG-ID.  If you
don't have the latest firmware, strange things may happen!


Let me know if any questions.




Roger N5RWK

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