[W5SFA] Ham Radio Deluxe 6.7

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 11:35:10 CDT 2019

Information from HRD newsletter.



  Update on Ham Radio Deluxe 6.7 Release

I'm happy to report that the Ham Radio Deluxe 6.7 beta has been 
delivered to our beta testers. I anticipate that the testing could take 
a couple weeks.
We're slightly behind schedule on this release due to the delays from 
the 6.6 release and the migration to our new license server. But now 
that this has been completed, I anticipate our standard release cadence 
to resume (about 9 releases per year).
There are over 50 changes in this release including - support for the 
ICOM IC-9700 and Kenwood TS-890S, and the addition of a major new 
feature - the panadapter display for capable ICOM and Kenwood radios 
(IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-9700, TS-890S).
A complete list of the changes going into beta can be found here:
While we're proceeding with beta testing for this release, I've asked 
the team to look at the issue related to matching FT4 confirmations from 
LOTW in HRD Logbook.
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