[W5SFA] Pushup mast for sale

Ben Worrell benw at cvctx.com
Sat Oct 12 16:07:36 CDT 2019


Is this a Telescoping Push-up mast?
Being in a bag sounds like it's one of the multi 4' section poles that assembled then stood up.

How many sections are in the bag?  
Is it Plastic/Fiberglass or Aluminum ?
Does it include a tripod base?

73 ne5B

On Sat, 12 Oct 2019 10:30:23 -0500, jack bates <k5frt33 at gmail.com> wrote:


-- Antenna mast-military push up-may be 40"(I haven't had it out of the bag)-pick up in Brenham.  $130  956-683-5198




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