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Submarine in Oklahoma!!!!!!

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YLRL Activation of the Famous USS Batfish

        This weekend District 5 of YLRL (www.ylrl.org) will activate the
War II submarine USS Batfish located at the Muskogee War Memorial Park.
They will be calling CQ using the call sign WW2SUB.  Support YLRL and
Amateur Radio by giving them a log entry.

USS Batfish Needs Help

        The May 2019 Oklahoma floods proved just how well the USS Batfish
built. The Batfish’s resting place was completely flooded; although
launched 5 May 1943 and out of the water since April 1973, the Batfish,
true to her WWII legendary toughness, floated and did not sink.

        But she floated away from her original resting place and did suffer
some damage. Plans are underway to move her back to a permanent,
hopefully flood-proof mooring. The cost of repair and movement is
substantial. To partially defray the cost, a GoFundMe program has been
started at:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/savetheussbatfish

        The USS Batfish is history that is worth preserving. If you love
history, submarines, WWII, museum ships and/or Amateur Radio, please
consider making a small donation.

John Robert Stratton
West Gulf Division Director

ARRL West Gulf Division
Director: John Robert Stratton, N5AUS
n5aus at arrl.org

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