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Thanks for sending this out, John.  It’s definitely worth viewing – but it is long!  


For the highlights, here are some time marks in the video:


   17:15 N5AUS John Stratton’s Presentation (about 14 minutes long)

   31:20 W5MJ Madison Jones’ Presentation (about 7 minutes long)

  38:45 Submitted Q&A

1:01:30 Audience Q&A

1:52:15Web Questions


There was a question about appointment vs. election of the vice directorship when it becomes vacant .  This was at time mark 1:46.


If you are an ARRL member, I encourage you to vote in the election.  Ballots are being mailed in early October, so you should see them in the mail sometime next week.  The ballots must be received by noon on Friday, Nov. 15




Roger N5RWK




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John Parmalee

Jparmalee at aol.com




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For those who were not able to attend The ARRL West Gulf Division 

Candidate Interviews on Saturday, Jason Johnson from Ham Radio 2.0 live 

streamed the event.  It is now posted on YouTube 



The candidates are John Stratton and Madison Jones.


Jimmy Vance




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