[W5SFA] W5SFA Demo Session

George Wehrung george at w5tz.org
Tue Nov 12 07:48:54 CST 2019

Hi Gary,
I have an Ic 7100 rig, power supply to loan for the event if you need one. Also azum spot also. Skip and I started setting it up. Also an sdr with dual ants bill

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Greetings All

Just a quick reminder of our W5SFA DEMO Session scheduled for this 
coming Saturday November 16th at Kruse Village Conference Room in the 
Main building. Time - 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

We are planning to have digital stations setup for D-Star, FLDIGI-PSK31 
and WSJTX-FT-8

Come on by and check-out the digital modes.� Share your experiences with 
digital operations.

Bring a guest or anyone interested in Amateur Radio in general.


Look forward to seeing you there.


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