[W5SFA] Reminder: W5SFA Special Event Station is Tomorrow (Saturday)

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Fri Nov 1 16:58:20 CDT 2019



Just a reminder about the Special Event Station.  We will be operating from
the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site from 9 am - 4 pm (or when we
decide to call it quits!)


We are commemorating the 196th Anniversary of the founding of Austin's
Colony.  This is our 5th year in a row the club has operated this special
event station.  


Looks like we'll be running two stations, so stop on by and give us an
eyeball QSO.  You're welcome to operate if you wish, or just observe.  If
you can't make it, try to work us (best chance for local contact will be on
40m, look for us around 7.240 Mhz SSB or 7.035 Mhz CW).


There are other activities related to Stephen F. Austin's birthday running
concurrently at the State Historic Site tomorrow.  See


We'll be next to some archeology excavation work, near the Stephen F. Austin
statue in front of the old visitor center.  


Hope to see you there!




Roger N5RWK

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