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I know you’ve been looking to get some HF antennas set up.  My (unsolicited!) advice is to start with a simple diploe for the 20 meter (14 Mhz) band.  Here are some thoughts:


1.        A dipole antenna is cheap to make, effective and relatively easy to put up.  Length is roughly 17’ on each side.   The ideal height is ½ wavelength, or 33 feet above ground – but try to get it up at least 20 feet high.

2.       Use stranded wire.  You can buy a premade antenna, but it will cost more.  The ends can be tied off with rope to some high tree branches.  Use a pole near your dwelling for the feedline. 

3.       The 20m band has a reasonable amount of traffic on it these days.  The higher frequency bands (18 Mhz, 15Mhz, 12 Mhz and 10 Mhz) have less traffic on them due to band conditions.

4.       Decide what mode(s) you want to start with.  Sideband or phone is a good starting place (you can use your rig with no other equipment), but the digital modes like FT8 and PSK31 are also possible.

5.       I’m sure some club member would be happy to help get your antenna put up, tuned and connected.  I’d be happy to help out.  

6.       In the meantime, just a simple wire going out to a tree will function as a receive antenna so you can listen to others on the air.

In general, start with a simple antenna to get on the air, then you can expand down the road as you learn

Hope this helps!




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Hopefully will help me. I get lost in all the analysis jargon.  I just want practical ideas.


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