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Roger, I have tried to put some thins in re  NARS and DMR, I haven't seen them coming back.  I do receive regular mail though.last night NARS had 42 in a training event.  They have orders for another 16 TYT,s and will place the order Tuesday if anyone is intrested. 
Subject: Summary DMR Training Class

This is a very brief summary of our first DMR training Class.


Our intent and believe we accomplished was to give everyone a more in-depth understanding of DMR, functionality and network structure.  Naming conventions, zones, talk groups, channels, time slots were all discussed in a way that should enable the attendee to better understand how to program and use the DMR radio.  You may have noticed that the session was video recorded.  DVD’s will be made available and I will discuss that more at our next meeting.


Signed in attending the class = 42

NARS new members = 2

Renew membership = ? Report from Treasure to follow

Radio’s group order = 16 plus two more over the weekend – I am initially planning to place the order on Tuesday allowing for time for last minute PayPal updates etc.     Once placed usually the shipping time is 3 to 5 days.  Radio’s when received will be distributed at our training classes.


Our next meeting will be on Friday October 5th NEW START TIME 6:30PM.  In this meeting we will be aiming more towards hardware configuration and hands on assistance loading code plugs setting up hotspots continuation discussion of firmware updates….etc. 


If you would like to review or have copy of the presentation materials please go to the following URL: 


http://www.k5wh.net/dmr/class/  for the presentations

Thank you for attending and please feel free to provide feedback to us especially if there are areas you would like us to spend more time on.

Look forward to seeing all of you back at the next meeting. Friday night 6:30 Fire house behind post office on Louetta, west of Stuebner  Airline

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Here are some tidbits that may explain some of the strange behavior sometimes seen with the mail list.
- The mail list only accepts emails from registered email addresses.  This keeps us from getting spammed.
- If you send a message from an unregistered email address, it is held in suspense until a moderator (me, in this case) manually approves or rejects it.  I recently made a change so I receive notice when there is an item awaiting moderation. 
- Any message containing attachments appears to get flagged for moderation.
- If you use multiple email addresses, make sure to either use the one registered with the club, or let me know your other email address so I can register it.
- If you are not sure what email address the club has for you, go to the members page on the club web site and enter the super secret password QRZ to view the complete list.
There are probably other strange things that happen, so let me know if you have any questions or problems.
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