[W5SFA] How the club email list works

Roger W Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Sat Sep 29 08:29:10 CDT 2018


Here are some tidbits that may explain some of the strange behavior sometimes seen with the mail list.

- The mail list only accepts emails from registered email addresses.  This keeps us from getting spammed.  

- If you send a message from an unregistered email address, it is held in suspense until a moderator (me, in this case) manually approves or rejects it.  I recently made a change so I receive notice when there is an item awaiting moderation. 

- Any message containing attachments appears to get flagged for moderation.

- If you use multiple email addresses, make sure to either use the one registered with the club, or let me know your other email address so I can register it.  

- If you are not sure what email address the club has for you, go to the members page on the club web site and enter the super secret password QRZ to view the complete list.

There are probably other strange things that happen, so let me know if you have any questions or problems.


Roger N5RWK

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