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Some additional explanation about how Yaesu System Fusion works may be helpful.


Think of DG-ID (Digital Group Identification) as being similar to a CTCSS tone in the analog FM world.  If you use the incorrect CTCSS tone on an analog repeater, it won’t open and you won’t be heard.  Similarly, for our Fusion repeaters, it’s important to use the correct DG-ID, or no one will hear you.


Currently, our three Fusion repeaters are not linked together on digital.  When we do have them linked, you can use a DG-ID of 10, as this will open all three repeaters when you transmit in digital mode.


If you only want to be heard on one repeater, choose the transmit DG-ID for the repeater you want (02, 03 or 04).  For simplicity, I expect most users will want to simply set their DG-ID to 10 and leave it there.


I’ll send out more information about how to configure your Fusion radio when we have the repeaters linked.  We are waiting on two items:  1) replacement of the Ethernet board in the Bellville VHF repeater, which went bad and has been sent back to Yaesu for replacement, and 2) Have internet service installed in the Columbus tower.




Roger N5RWK




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W5SFA Repeater users,


Roger has made some changes on the C4FM repeaters. The NEW group ID’s are as follows:


IP/DG-ID/Port Assignments:

Bellville UHF –, DG-ID 02, port 21110

Bellville VHF –,  DG-ID 03, port 21110

Columbus VHF –  DG-ID 04, port 21110


DG-ID for all 3 repeaters:  DG-ID 10



Please set these up in your radio. In general you only need DG-ID 10 (was 40) to talk on the repeaters.



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