[W5SFA] Repeater Update

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Fri Oct 19 16:08:02 CDT 2018



We have just made some configuration changes to the Bellville repeaters
(Yaesu VHF and UHF), to address the issues we experienced earlier this week
on FM Analog.


The external RC210 analog controller has been disconnected, so the VHF and
UHF repeaters are no longer linked in FM Analog.  Also, the Columbus
repeater is no longer linked.


Note that when in C4FM digital mode, the  Bellville UHF and VHF repeaters
are still linked.  But in FM Analog mode, they function independently.


The repeaters are still in Auto Mode Select, meaning that if you transmit
with an FM Analog signal the repeaters will repeat in FM Analog - and if you
transmit in Digital they will repeat in Digital mode.


We'll run the repeaters this way for a week or so, to see if the analog
noise issues go away.  From limited testing so far, it looks like it has.  I
encourage everyone to use the repeaters as much as possible over the next
week, and report if they experience any noise or problems.


Note that the next Tuesday night net (7 pm on October 23) will be on the
Bellville VHF repeater only!


Finally, thanks and a tip of the hat to Dennis WR5DC for getting this change




Roger N5RWK

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