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Is there any interest here?

73. k5FRT

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> We recently, (this evening) had a presentation done after our ham meeting in Brenham.  It took about 30 minutes, complete with a power point presentation with a projector.
> Andrea K2EZ gave us a presentation on "Roving".  This is where someone constructs a mobile antenna farm on a vehicle and drives around to different grid squares and participate in contests.
> Even if you aren't a contester, the gear is downright impressive!  I wanted to pass along her info to see if you might want her to come down and give the Bellville club a short 30 minute dog and pony show...  I know it will be interesting for some of your guys.
> Her Name is Andrea Slack and her call is N2EZ.  She bounces between Brenham and New Jersey and she is down here for a while.  Her email is k2ez at arrl.net.  Tell her I sent you - and I think your club would enjoy the presenation.
> Bill - N5MBM
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