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Good Job Gary. De tz



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Update 3 from City of Brenham.


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 This is a message from Brenham Washington County Emergency Management Agencies

The water main leak was repaired as of last night at around 8:00 pm. Throughout the night, water plant crews started maintenance activities to stabilize the system. First thing this morning, crews began taking water samples to the Brazos County Health Department lab in Bryan for testing. We are awaiting the results of these tests and will provide an update at 12:00 pm today on our website and through the emergency notification system.
Please continue to boil water used for drinking and food preparation until further notice.
For additional updates, visit cityofbrenham.org or call 979-337-7400.
To register for the emergency notification system from Washington County and the City of Brenham, visit cityofbrenham.org and click on the Citizen Alert Notification Sign up to be informed of emergencies by phone, text, and email.


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