[W5SFA] D* repeaters

Dan White dan at dandlfarms.com
Sat Aug 18 01:58:51 CDT 2018

Fellow members:

The D* repeater has another module now. It is the “B” module which is 440.7 TX and 445.7 RX. You can Talk locally on either the “A” 2M or “B”  70CM module or you can LINK them to a remote cluster. Each is independent so one person can LINK to one cluster and another user can LINK to a different cluster or just talk locally. Dennis will explain more at the meeting next week. To do a quick setup for the “B” module just copy the 2M settings and change the 2M frequencies to the 70 CM frequencies and then change the designator in Radio 1 from W5SFA C to W5SFA B and download it into your radio.

We still have a few tweaks to do but try it out now so you will have lots of questions to ask Dennis at the meeting.

Happy Radioing.

Dan, W5AOV  
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