[W5SFA] September Meeting Reminder (and Minutes from August 30, 2017 Meeting)

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We will have one Technician test to administer. I will have the minutes done this eve and send them to you and Kathy.  Dan

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Subject: [W5SFA] September Meeting Reminder (and Minutes from August 30, 2017 Meeting)

W5SFA Members,


The end of September is fast approaching, and so our monthly meeting.  As usual, it will be this Wednesday at Yani's Steak House in Bellville, dinner at 6 pm and meeting at 7 pm.


I've attached the minutes from the August meeting below.  


The Belton Hamexpo is coming up on October 6-7 (Friday-Saturday).  This is one of the better hamfests for buying or selling goodies.  See https://www.tarc.org/hamexpo   I'm planning to take our RV and tailgate, so  consider this the W5SFA "hospitality suite" and stop by.


This year's special event station is coming up on November 4, so let me know if you would like to operate.  We will have at least one transmitter with an amplifier to hopefully overcome the poor band conditions.  We'll talk more about this at the meeting.


We'll also discuss changing the venue for the October meeting, and an end-of-year (Nov or Dec) activity night.


Don't forget the Tuesday night net on the Bellville and Columbus repeaters, and hope to see y'all on Wednesday!




Roger N5RWK




Minutes from August 30, 2017 W5SFA Meeting


The meeting was opened at 7:57.  There was no reading of the July meeting minutes, nor a treasurer's report, as Kat Croker was unable to attend the meeting.


The Club's special event station is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 4 from 9 am thru 4 pm at the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site.  The announcement has been uploaded to ARRL and will appear in the November QST (which will be out in October).  We will use an amplifier for at least one station, and will therefore need a generator.  We'll operate on 20m and 40m...also 80m if there is interest.  If anyone wants to use a particular mode (CW or digital) let me know so we can plan ahead for antennas and such.


Ray Meech will follow up with the coordinator for Skywarn training.  This will likely take place sometime in the 4th quarter 2017, or 1st quarter 2018 depending on the coordinator's schedule.


Ray Meech and Jack Bates raised the issue of RFI interference caused by the Bluebonnet Electric meters.  Jack sees S6 noise across most of the ham bands, and has identified these meters as the culprit.  Dan White advised contacting the communications department in Bluebonnet and escalating the call to someone in management.


Darryl Strader asked if the club has any kind of communications net set up for emergencies.  Currently the club has nothing set up.  A discussion followed about RACES and ARES, and there was general agreement that these were too structured and formal.   An less formal communications net could be set up provided there is interest.  We'll  have further discussion about this.


Earl McIntyre took and passed the Technician Exam.  Congratulations to Earl!  His new call sign is KG5UXH.  




Jack Bates K5FRT

Ron Beauregard K1PEC

Joe Cucuzza KA8WEP

Skip Ferguson K5LLR

Roger Klein N5RWK

Ray Meech  WA5IWB

Bruce Mitchell KM5OG

John Parmalee K5VGM

Darryl Strader   KG5ITZ

Debbie Strader  KG5JPR

Brad Taylor  KF5NNZ

Dan White W5AOV

Linda White W5LBW



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