[W5SFA] ISP Supplies in College Station

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue Mar 7 18:57:46 CST 2017

If you're looking for masts and related stuff, check out ISP Supplies in
College Station.  As the name implies, they cater mainly to the wireless
internet business, but they sell some things that are of interest to hams.


For example, they sell two brands of push-up masts in various lengths, as
well as tower kits and sections, mounts and tripods.  They also sell coax
(only in 500-foot spools, but at a pretty good discount so several people
could pool together and save some money).  I purchased a Rohn H30 push-up
mast for $83.50, a pretty good price (and no exorbitant shipping costs!).


Check them out at www.ispsupplies.com.




Roger N5RWK 

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