[W5SFA] Austin County Jail Museum Operation

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Thu Apr 6 13:04:30 CDT 2017



A quick update on the Jail Museum operation we discussed at our last
meeting:  Bruce KM5OG has confirmed that Saturday, May 6 is a good date for
the Jailhouse Museum Event.   We'd set up starting at 8 am, and operate
until 3 pm when the museum closes.  


Rather than a formal special event, our operation would be a demonstration
station where we would make contacts and show off ham radio to people
passing through - and of course socialize and have some fun!  We'll operate
at least one station, more if there is sufficient interest.


I'd like to make sure we have enough participation to do the event on this
day, so please let me know if you are (or are not) going to be there.


If we have sufficient interest to move forward, we'll schedule a trip to the
Jail Museum to plan where we will set up radios, antennas, etc in the near


Thanks, and hope to hear from y'all shortly!


Roger N5RWK

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