[W5SFA] Preliminary Results for the W5SFA Special Event Station / Texas QSO Party

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue Sep 29 15:47:35 CDT 2015



I'm still working on the logs, but here are the preliminary results:


Total QSO's:  214

Total QSO Points:  431

Total Multipliers:  88

Total Texas QSO Party Score:  37,928


States: 37

Provinces: 2

Countries: 8


Texas Counties worked:  44 of 254


Looking at past years club scores for the Texas QSO Party, I can confidently
say that we are in no danger of winning :-)  But, our score is very
respectable and we will be in the middle of the pack.


I'll have more details and stats to share at the meeting.




Roger N5RWK



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