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Dan White dan at dandlfarms.com
Thu Sep 3 21:38:25 CDT 2015


All of our repeaters have input AND output tones.  If you are using both tones you will not hear anything from the repeater unless it is coming from the repeater OR another repeater with the same tone (skip).

FM radio works on the principle of “Rule of Capture”.  In other words the strongest signal will capture the repeaters input and only that one will come thru.  You will not hear any noise (noise is not generally FM but AM) that is on that frequency unless it is stronger than the transmitted signal it is receiving (the one that has the input tone) and holding the repeater in the transmit mode.  If two people are transmitting with the proper tone and are about the same strength into the repeater you will get intermodulation and hear some version of each.

The frequencies and tones are on the back of the new cards I handed out at the last meeting.  Also they are listed on the web site under the Repeater tab.

I hope this helps.  Please try to find out if you can hear the AM signal (you will need an all mode radio) that is just below the input frequency of the 144.81 input.  I need your GPS location and relative signal strength to try and map out the location of the source.

Dan, W5AOV
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