[W5SFA] Wednesday Night Net Checkins

Dan White dan at dandlfarms.com
Thu Sep 3 15:07:54 CDT 2015

You would need to turn off your tone squelch to be able to here what is actually on the frequency. That is assuming that it is coming in on the output frequency of the repeater. Other wise you would see the repeater come on if it was on the input with the proper tone.


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There seemed to be quite a bit or noise last night during the net on the 2m Bellville repeater.  When no one was transmitting, it looked like there were signals coming in on my rig's meter.  As of right now (9:19am Thursday) it seems pretty quiet, I just see a little bit of noise - nothing like it was last night.


Maybe we are getting interference from another repeater on the same frequency?  The closest repeater on 145.41 Mhz is League City, about 90 miles.


Dan, any insight into this?


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What I noticed / have noticed is that on all other repeaters that I listen to,  when there is no one using the repeater the noise level is zero, but if you listen to the 145.410 it has a constant noise level present at all times.  I don’t know what type it is or if its normal but that is the only one that has that present.


Darryl Strader Studio, LLC




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We had six checkins to the net tonight:


K5FRT - Jack

KG5ITZ - Darryl

KC5LSP - Dave (on 70cm)

WB5RFQ - Gil

K1PEC - Ron (on 2m and 70cm)

W5RAC - Ray


Was there anyone else trying to check in that we didn't hear?  All in all, things seemed to work better than last week. 


Jack, it seemed like your contact was intermittent, but when I heard you, you were loud and clear.  Ray, I could copy you, just barely - maybe an antenna issue?  Let me know if either of you want to try a contact sometime and we can do some more testing.


Ron and I did a test after the net, and we didn't have any problem communicating on VHF.  Transmitting on UHF (which I did not use during the net), my signal was intermittent.  Looks like I need to get my antenna a bit higher for UHF to get into the Bellville repeater (about 20 miles), it is surrounded by trees.


Thanks to everyone who checked in tonight!


Roger N5RWK

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