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Subject: Please READ NOW & reply As Soon As Possible

Good Evening:

DOD MARS is running a disaster exercise. The most intense time is SUNDAY. They really, really, really want to talk to you.


I’ve spoken with them. The DOD wants MARS to establish contact with many Amateur Radio operators during the period 11/8 through 11/10 (Sunday through Tuesday). They plan to visit established HF nets. I plan to be a liaison station at the OEM and check into the Texas RACES net on SUNDAY, 2 PM local, 7.255 MHz. You are encouraged to check into the Texas RACES net or the EMROG net that will start on Sunday, 1:45 PM on 145.49 MHz. As a liaison, I will relay between you and MARS. (For the Texas RACES net you will need your Texas RACES number.)

For each contact, MARS will request the following:

- state/county name
- status of the following services: power, water, sanitation, medical, communications, and transportation

I encourage any who wish to be at the OEM during this net to come, just let me know. The HF radio will be made available even to those without HF privilege as there will be a grade appropriate operator at the “control point”.




ARRL News, 09/28/2015


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MARS Invites ARES/RACES Participation in Coronal Mass Ejection Disaster Exercise


A disastrous coronal mass ejection (CME) will be the focus of a national Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) communication exercise in early November, and MARS is hoping to collaborate with Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) groups. The MARS exercise will get under way on November 8 and continue into November 10. It will be a quarterly contingency HF exercise in support of the US Department of Defense.

“The exercise scenario will simulate a CME event and focus on actions that radio operators should take prior to and following a CME event,” explained Army MARS Program Manager Paul English, WD8DBY. “One thing we want to continue to work on is the interface with the greater Amateur Radio community.”

CMEs are huge explosions of gas, plasma, and electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, which are responsible for geomagnetic storms. Solar flares can accompany CMEs, but they are not the same thing. A CME can take anywhere from 1 day to 3 days to reach Earth. CMEs occur all the time, but most bypass Earth with minor effects. A major CME that hits Earth directly could damage or destroy satellites as well as terrestrial communication and electrical power infrastructure.

English said the November would simulate a radio blackout as well as infrastructure damage. “During the exercise, we will simulate the blackout with a 3 hour pause, and then we will bring stations back on air and begin handling requests for information,” he told ARRL.

Training objectives for this exercise will include understanding what a CME is and how much forecast lead time can be expected; the effects associated with a CME, and what precautions radio operators take to protect their equipment, prior to a severe CME.

After the simulated CME, operators will assess its effects and begin reporting that information. This will involve “interoperation with Amateur Radio operators and groups to assist in assessment.

Amateur Radio operators, ARES, and RACES are encouraged to participate in this exercise. Contact  MARS and provide your contact information, if your organization group is interested.

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