[W5SFA] July W5SFA Meeting is Wednesday @ Yani's

Dan White dan at dandlfarms.com
Mon Jul 27 19:34:03 CDT 2015

We will have one test to give.  I will need at least two helpers.  Dan

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The monthly W5SFA meeting is coming up this Wednesday at Yani's in Bellville.  As usual, 6 pm dinnner, 7pm meeting (start earlier if we can).


This month we'll be getting to work organizing our Special Event Station on September 26/27 (during the Texas QSO Party).  We'll have some draft QSL cards and certificates to look at, as well as the beginnings of a schedule.  Ron has reserved a cabin at S.F. Austin State Park, and has talked to park staff to get the OK for operating from there.  So we'll talk a bit about that as well.  We will have other operating locations besides the park, too.  Everyone is welcome to participate, either at a remote location or from home.


I believe we are scheduled to hold elections this month.  Also, dues are due.


Hope to see you there.






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