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Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Fri Jul 3 15:11:29 CDT 2015



Below are the results from Field Day last Sunday.  It was rather hot and
humid Saturday morning, but conditions got better in the afternoon.  In
fact, conditions were perfect in the basement station on both days since it
is air conditioned ;-)  


On Saturday, we operated one station outside, underneath the portico in
front of the court house.  The antenna was an MFJ "Big Ear" antenna set up
in the green area in front of the flag pole.  The other station was the
FT-2000 in the basement using the folded dipole on the roof, which was
operated both days. 


On Sunday, we moved the upstairs station just inside the courthouse (the 25
degree temperature differential was just too appealing).  There was quite a
bit of activity on the 6m band to the midwest on Sunday morning.  5 contacts
were worked on battery power, to get the alternative power bonus.


This was the first time I had operated the courthouse station.  It really is
a first class setup with the amplifier and band scanner.  


Thanks to everyone who participated.   A good time was had by all!





Saturday, June 27: 

                Hours of operation 10am (setup), 1 pm (Start), 6:15 pm

                Attending:  Cameron, Dan, Ray, Roger, Bruce

                21 QSO's - Courthouse Basement Station (Yaesu FT-2000)

                17 QSO's - Portico Station (Cam's Icom IC-738)


Sunday, June 28:

                Hours of Operation:  9 am (Start) 1pm (Shutdown)

                Attending:  Dan, Ray, Roger, Ron

                37 QSO's - Courthouse Basement Station (Yaesu FT-2000)

                10 QSO's - Portico Station (Roger's Elecraft KX3)


QSO's by band:

6m:  10

10m:  7

15m: 20

20m: 33

40m: 15

Total QSOs:  85


32 States (plus Puerto Rico, Alberta Canada and Colombia)

Operating time:  approximately 10 hours


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