[W5SFA] Merry Christmas!

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Thu Dec 24 20:31:57 CST 2015

Fa Jeeters for the meat...

From: Roger Klein 
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W5SFA Members,


Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!


Some tidbits...


·         Remember that our annual banquet is a little more than 4 weeks away on Saturday, January 23 at Cameron's.  I'll be bringing some homebrew pale ale, and maybe a brown ale if it's ready in time.  I've got at least one door prize lined up as well.  Please respond to the group if you're coming, and let us know what item you're bringing.  I believe the plan is for the club to supply barbeque.


·         I got kind of sloppy with the net the last two weeks, too many distractions this time of year!  I completely missed it last Wednesday, and remembered in time this Wednesday (but not in time to send out a reminder).  We'll try again next Wednesday.


·         I saw this Youtube video about climbing an 1800 foot tower - for me it's absolutely terrifying to watch since I have a moderate fear of heights (watch on a big screen for the full effect!).  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k4Xk1mEwmI




Roger N5RWK

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