The Stephen F. Austin Radio Club, Inc.


           An Association of Amateur Radio Operators in the Austin, Fayette and Waller County Areas


Mailing Address:

   P.O. Box 73

   Carmine TX 78932 

   Meetings: Last Wednesday of each month

   Repeater: 145.410  (KC5YMJ)

                    444.875 (W5ALG)

1998-99  Officers:

   President, Larry Reese, WB5RTT

   Vice President, Carl Hickman,  K5OWC     

   Secretary/Treasurer, Rick Waldrop, KC5BFU

   Newsletter  Editor , Dave Jenkins, KK5KX

   Newsletter Publisher, Wade Eilers, W5TEN

The SFARC Newsletter is published monthly for members and those interested in becoming members.






VOL. 7, #7

July, 1998



July Meeting

         The next SFARC meeting will be held Wednesday, July 29, at the Bellville Restaurant, on the courthouse square, in Bellville.   Dinner begins at 6:30 with business meeting to follow.



May Meeting

            This Club’s annual meeting was held on the last Wednesday of May.  In accordance with the revised election provisions of the Club’s constitution, nominations for Club officers for the coming year were made from the floor at the meeting and the following individuals agreed to serve as your officers for the coming year:


         President               Larry Reese, WB5RTT

         Vice-president       Carl Hickman, K5OWC

         Sec’y/Treasurer     Rick Waldrop, KC5BFU


[I agreed to continue with the Club Newsletter chores until someone else steps forward to take on this duty - any takers?  Dave Jenkins - KK5KX]



June Meeting

         Well, I’ll just say the same thing here that I say to the IRS - “I forgot!  That’s right, you didn’t lose the June Newsletter, you just didn’t get one.  Nevertheless, there was a meeting, albeit it short and sparsely attended.  One topic of discussion was whether the Club would field a Field Day team.  Because of members’ travel plans, other commitments, etc.  there was not enough interest, at least among those present, to put together a real effort - hence SFARC will have not Club entry this year.

         Also discussed was the subject of Club memberships.  It was tentatively decided to do away with some of the types of membership currently provided for in Section 2 of the Club’s constitution and to modify others.  Below is a reprint of the applicable section of the Constitution:



Section 2 - Levels


To Provide Membership to the widest possible group of applicants, the following division in membership levels will be provided to those eligible:


Full (voting)                    Licensed Amateurs with legal residence in                                               Austin, Fayette or Waller Counties, Texas.


General (non-voting)       Licensed Amateurs not eligible for Full                                                  membership.


Family (voting)               Licensed Amateurs living in the same                                                  household with a Full member (no                                                         additional membership fee).


Honorary (non-voting)   Elected by proclamation (no fee).         




         In particular, members felt that the limitation on voting privileges to members living only in Austin, Fayette and Waller counties should be removed, that perhaps the General and Family membership levels should be deleted, and that Full memberships should automatically be extended to all amateurs living in the same household.  If you have strong feelings about these changes, come to the July meeting and make your voice heard…


         A brief discussion was held regarding Newsletter distribution - due to laziness on the part of your editor, a number of past members who are inactive have continued to receive this Newsletter.  It was decided that those individuals who have not renewed their SFARC memberships [translation: “Send in the money!”] by the end of August would be dropped from the mailing list forthwith.



Coming Events


July 31 - August 1                   Austin SummerFest

Background Noise . . .


·        Anybody else started using the Internet in the last 2 months?.  The ‘net makes a convenient way for you to receive this Newsletter in a timely manner, and saves the Club money at the same time.


If you’ve become an Internet user, please let Dave, KK5KX (e-mail: djenkins@phoenix.net or jenkidf@texaco.com), have your e-mail address(es).  Also, please indicate whether your mail service has the capability to receive attached documents.


·        At least a few of us will be going to the Austin hamfest next weekend (Saturday) - if you want to caravan along, or hitch a ride, please give me a call at 409/836-3544.


·        1998-1999 dues are due.  If you haven’t already done so, please remit to Rick Waldrop either in person at the next meeting, or at his home QTH:


                        Box 64

                        San Felipe, TX 77473-0064