The Stephen F. Austin Radio Club, Inc.

            An Association of Amateur Radio Operators in the Austin, Fayette and Waller County Areas

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 73

Carmine TX 78932

Meetings: Last Wednesday of each month

Repeaters: 145.410             (KC5YMJ)

444.875  (W5SFA)


1999-00 Officers:

President, Carl Hickman, K5OWC

Vice President, Wade Eilers, W5TEN

Secretary/Treasurer, Dan White, W5AOV

Newsletter Editor, Dave Jenkins, KK5KX

Newsletter Publisher, Dave Jenkins, KK5KX

The SFARC Newsletter is published monthly for members and those interested in becoming members.




VOL. 8, #9

September, 1999


September Meeting

The SFARC September meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 29, at the Bellville Restaurant, on the courthouse square, in Bellville. Dinner will be at 6:30 with business meeting to follow.


August Meeting

          The August meeting was held on Wednesday, August 25.


          Attendees:    Wade Eilers (W5TEN)

                                                  Dave Jenkins (KK5KX)

                                                  Larry Reese (WB5RTT)

                                                  Rick Waldrop (KC5BFN)

                                                  Carl Hickman (K5OWC) and XYL DeAnn

                                                  Dan White (W5AOV) and XYL Linda

          Dinner and meeting were held at the Bellville Restaurant.

Old Business:

The Club reimbursed Carl (K5OWC) for the unpaid ($129.80) concrete for the new tower for the 440 repeater. Wade (W5TEN) and Carl paid for one yard each of the five yards of concrete required. Clay (KG5DC) used his back-hoe to dig the 5’ x 5’ x 5’ hole, Wade made a re-bar cage to put in the hole, Carl, Dan (W5AOV) and Dave (KK5KX) built the forms and worked the concrete. Wade erected the tower after the cure. The repeater has been in full operation for several months now.

New Business:

Carl will check on insurance, hardware and liability for the club equipment and functions.

A Bar-B-Que has been scheduled for Saturday, October 23, at 4 PM. The Club will provide the meat, which Dave will cook and club members will bring the rest of the dinner.

The Christmas party will be discussed in the October meeting. Carl volunteered his house for the event.

The Club trustee for the 440 repeater is still listed as Tom (K5RC) with the FCC. Dan suggested that it be changed to Carl. It was mentioned that possibly Tom "owns" the call sign W5SFA. Wade said he would contact Tom and see if he would allow Carl to assume the trusteeship.

Carl will check with the Austin Fair to see if the Club could setup a small booth to show off our talents and recruit new members, for free of course.

Carl suggested that SkyWarn class be started and open to area Hams and Emergency people. Dave will talk to the County Judge to see if the County would be interested.

The Club agreed to send a QSL card to W09S for a contact during Field Day. We were on-the-air on 6 meters at that time but did not enter it into the log.

A discussion was held regarding the status of current membership roster. The current Club roster was reviewed and 15 former members were dropped from Active status due to a lack of any evidence of further interest in Club activities. Attached is the revised roster. Once again, if you have any changes to be made to the information thereon, please give it to Dan White, W5AOV.



Other Points of Interest

The Club has three VE’s to give test to new and existing Hams. They are Dave, Wade and Larry (WB5RTT) and can administer all classes of tests.

The Club has a balance of $419.41 in the Austin County Bank. We have eleven paid members and two life members. There are a few on the list that I am not sure of. Please let me know your status per the attached members list.

Dan White (W5AOV) is working at putting the newsletters on his web site. He has the Club information, repeaters and meeting, on his site now. Its URL is: http://users/argolink.net/danwhite.


Repeater News:

          Nothing worth repeating.

Dues are Still Due:

          1999-2000 Dues are now due – please remit.


Coming Events:

First Annual (second planned) SFARC Barbecue and End of Summer Party:         

Time: Saturday, October 23, 4:00 PM (dinner at 6:00 PM)

Location:       Dave Jenkins’ - Kenney


Background Noise:

Have you started using the Internet since the last Newsletter? If so, please let Dave, KK5KX (e-mail: djenkins@phoenix.net or dfjenkins@equiva.com), have your e-mail address(es). We now have the majority of Newsletter recipients getting their Newsletter via the ‘net – a considerable postage savings (not to mention reduction in folding, enveloping, stamp-sticking, etc.).